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Re: finding special punctuation

At 03:30 PM 12/4/98 -0500, Joseph Campo wrote:
>I need to find all occurrences where I used three periods (...) as part
>of a menu selection, for example, 
>Verilog... or Save Environment...
>When I search, with wildcards, using [...], I get all instances of periods,
>not useful. When I also select Whole Word, frame responds 'not found'. I have
>tried find using a variety of text combinations - all unsuccessful. Frame
quick ref doesn't show me how to do this either.
>Can someone out there tell me how to find these periods?
Just type 3 periods (i.e., ...) into the Find slot with wildcards turned
off. That will find anything with 3 or more periods in succession. By the
way, why aren't you using the ellipsis character?
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