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Re: How to create a few linked PDF documents


First, do you know why your PDF is so large?  I've worked in groups that
produced manuals up to and over 1000 pages, and the size hasn't been a
problem to a large base of clients.  If it's because you have a lot of
high-quality graphics, will users accept downsampling to 150 dpi, for

If that's not an acceptable answer, and you also don't want to generate one
PDF file for each section by using an asterisk in the Print dialog,  it
seems you might be able to create several "part books", each containing
some predetermined number of the chapters from the larger book.  You'd need
to do some extra work to get your references and generated files
straightened out, but once you had done that, you could maintain the new
structure for forthcoming releases.  (Personally, I'd only take this route
if (1) PDF was my critical path of publishing, and (2) I couldn't get
either a graphics downsampling or 1-per-section PDF solution to work.)

But it's a thought . . .

Good luck!
Alice Preston
Piscataway, NJ

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