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Re: PostScript/PCL

At 9:39 AM -0600 2/12/98, Andy Uzick wrote:

>On 11/19/98 2:49 PM, bjf@wavefront.com (bjf@wavefront.com) wrote:
>>In our previous episode, Viktor Haag said:
>>> 	A key question you might want to get answer to is: can Adobe Acrobat
>>> print to a 'PCL' printer with no problems (I'm unsure of the answer to this
>>> question, but am inclined to think the answer is "no")?
>>Definitely.  That's the whole point of Acrobat -- to make it portable
>>across platforms and printers.  You may take a performance hit, but
>>any PDF that prints on a PS printer should print on a PCL printer.
>>And I've had files with embedded EPS graphics (which only print with
>>the bitmap header on PCL printers) print correctly, graphic and all,
>>once the file was converted to PDF.  I knew in theory that would work,
>>but it was nice to see it in practice.
>Sorry,  but I have not found this to be the case. I like to send clients
>pdf files for approval, but not if they use PCL printers. Explaining the
>difference between poorly rendered postscript fonts/graphics and "real"
>errors is just too much trouble.

I've also found that PDFs sent to clients with PCL printers don't print as
well as on a PostScript device.  Ligatures are mangled (oversized), TIFFs
are muddy looking and almost always there are partial or broken bounding
lines on TIFF images embedded in the file, even though the TIFF has no
bounding line and prints cleanly on my PostScript printer.  The latter
effect is particularly vexing as there is no way I've discovered to
suppress it.

- web

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