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Re: Docutech printout from PDF

If the bleed tab was set up for printing on a web press, it is usually
required that the bleed tab must extend beyond the page edge (so that, when
trimmed, you're assured that the bleed will go all the way to the trimmed
edge). If that was the case, then the FrameMaker document was probably set
up with a page size that's larger than the trim size, and, if you failed to
include (in the FrameMaker master pages) registration marks that showed how
to crop the oversize page to the trim size. Consequently, the printer didn't
know how to crop it, using the Acrobat Exchange crop tool. If that's the
situtation, the printer used the Shrink to Fit option in the Acrobat print
dialog box to shrink the entire page image to the sheet size.

Some Docutechs will print all the way to the sheet edge, making it possible
to produce bleed tabs without the necessity of trimming the page after
printing. If that kind of Docutech is used, you don't have to set up the
FrameMaker page size to be larger than the trim size, thus you don't need to
include registration marks to show the printer how to crop the page.
At 01:52 PM 11/19/98 -0600, Scott Turner wrote:
>>Does anyone have a clue as to why a Docutech printer would take a PDF
>>generated from a FrameMaker book and shrink its size during printing?
>>Does anyone know (a) what's happening, and (b) how to fix it?
>>Or should we (as I suspect) look for another print vendor?
>My vendor has told me that they have to RIP the PDF files differently than
>the postscript files. Other than that (a) I don't know, and (b) get a
>different vendor.
>When I sent a PDF file the to our Docutech vendor, the output was identical
>to the postscript file version. We use bled off thumb tabs on the pages,
>and both versions were perfect.
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