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Confessions of a Lurker

I am a lurker. I am also a frame list junkie. I seldom contribute
because I realize how little I understand about the inner workings of
this product, even though I have been living with it day in and day out
for over five years.

The discussion last week started me thinking. Why does the list hold
such a fascination for me, and probably for the rest of us 'lurkers'?

First, I am in awe with the knowledge and workarounds that come from the
'Frame gurus.' I want to thank you all for sharing your time and
expertise with the rest of us. I used to think that if the manual didn't
say you could do something, you couldn't do it.

Next, I am fascinated with the international aspect. Imagine, someone in
Japan asks a question, and an answer appears from Australia. I am an
'old timer,' having grown up in the '50's, when a long-distance
telephone call meant someone had died.

Finally, and most important, I work in a small office, and am the
one-writer documentation staff. These lists make me feel I am not alone.
Last month, when I was upgraded to an NT machine, I experienced a PDF
font crisis. I knew from previous listings where the problem originated
(I had been using True Type fonts since paper days, and getting by with
it). After cleaning up the mess I was left with a warning message
whenever I changed drivers, which I couldn't track down. One posting to
the list resulted in multiple responses, assuring me this was no crisis
and could be ignored. (Dov even explained in full, gory detail what was

I expect my motives for lurking are similar to many others, who don't
want to clutter up the bandwidth with 'trivial' responses. I save many,
many postings, and periodically print them out. They fill a 3-inch
binder and are overflowing into another.

So, to those of you who are still with me, thanks for sharing and taking
part in this marvelous forum. Whether you do so as a lurker or an active
poster, it makes no difference. We are part of a technological
revolution and this type of sharing demonstrates how the average person
can benefit.

I may feel like a voyeur at times, but I never feel alone.


Joyce Richter
GWiz Systems
Lakewood, Colorado (yea Broncos!)

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