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Re: Changing column layout mid-document

Hi, Lynda.

Lynda Simons wrote:

> Thanks, Mark. This is also a neat suggestion, but I can't see any way to
> apply a different master page to more than one page at a time. (Also, I
> would need a two new master pages, a left and a right.)

Sorry! I should have been more explicit.

1. Create two new master pages: DoubleColumnLeft and DoubleColumnRight.
2. Base the DoubleColumnLeft master page on your current Left master page and
DoubleColumnRight on your current Right master page.
3. For each new master page, choose Format > Customize Layout > Customize Text
Frame and set the Column # to 2.
4. At the Body Page level, choose Format > Page Layout > Master Page Usage.
5. For Custom, select DoubleColumnLeft.
6. Under Apply to:, select Pages and enter the page range you want
7. Ensure that Even is selected.
8. De-select Odd.
9. Click Apply.

Repeat steps 5-9 for DoubleColumnRight, applying it to all of the odd pages in
the page range.

That's the fast way, I think. Again, good luck!


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