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Re: Changing column layout mid-document

Hi, Lynda.

1. Create a new master page called DoubleColumn or something like that.

2. Ctrl+Click the text frame in the new master page.

3. Choose Format > Customize Layout > Customize Text Frame and set the
column # to 2.

4. Return to the Body Pages and apply the new master page to the pages
you want to have double columns.

Good luck!


Lynda Simons wrote:

>  I have a document that is about 30 pages long and all one flow. I
> would like to change the layout so that the first page is a single
> column, the next 20 or so pages have two columns (newspaper style),
> then the last 9 or so pages are single column again. What is the most
> efficient way to do this? The single column pages don't need to flow
> into the double column pages, so I could change flows, but I can't
> work out an easy way to change the flow of 20 pages in the middle of a
> document. I see that I can customize individual text frames, but then
> I get the override message switching view from master page to body
> page. I'd prefer not to have to keep overrides. Also, it seems I would
> have to select each page frame individually to apply the double column
> layout. This all seems a bit clunky. Is there a more elegant
> alternative? TIA Lynda==============================
> Lynda Simons
> Technical Communications Consultant
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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