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Seems like a soap opera....(was:Don't Let the Rat Pack Get You Down)

Hi Dan,

I have been on the FM  list(s) for about half a year. In this time I have
found your technical knowledge on FM and your willingness to answer
questions - often very detailed - very helpful. I think you have answered a
couple of my questions, too. Thanks.  

Apart from that I find your craving for conflict and argument with other
list members tiring and unnecessary. If you like to share your opinions with
Diane, fine. But you can do that without calling other people names, and you
can do it in a private post. 

I am problably not the only one who by now is simply bored with this kind of

Sometimes (and this is not only directed at you) I feel more like
participating in a soap opera than in a technical discussion group.

This is my personal opinion. I usually do not express it on a  mailing list,
but I think I'll make an exception this time. 

Anyone who would like to comment/criticize/anwser this mail, please feel
free to do so, but please reply to me offlist.

Best wishes

Annette Marx
Documentation Specialist
TPS Labs AG, Munich

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> At 09:06 AM 11/10/98 -0600, Anderson, Ben wrote:
> >Major Snip....
> >>
> >>Again, Marcus, you are engaging in an inappropriate personal attack
> here.
> >>Please do not misuse the list in this way.
> >
> >Hmm, I'm a little confused...So, it's okay if Dan calls people "rat
> >packs" and "apologists" and accuses people of "intimidating" others, but
> >it's not okay for the rest of us, right?  Gee, I thought that this was
> >the FREE Framers list...
> **************************************************************
> You missed what I thought was my best pejorative: "Trained Seals."
> There is, however, a netiquette distinction between polemics directed at
> an
> individual, and polemics directed at a group, membership in which requires
> the reader to conclude that (s)he is fits the writer's description of the
> group.
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