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EPS Graphic Becomes Rectangle in PDF

FM 5.5.3, Acrobat Distiller 3.01

Hi all,

I have an EPS (TIF preview format) schematic dwg that, when distilled,
displays as a postmodern rectangle in the resulting PDF file. It
resembles one of Morris sculptures entitled "Slab".

I created the PDF via the "Save as PDF" function. My Distiller settings

*	Manual Compression (I tried 4-bit and 8-bit)
*	Downsizing Graphics off
*	ASCII Compatible on/off (tried both settings, just in case)

Are my settings wrong - do I need to select the "distill with
prologue.ps/epilogue.ps" option (what, btw, will that do)? Is the
graphic perhaps corrupted (my coworker exported this dwg to the EPS
format from Arts & Letters)? Is the TIF preview causing the
complication? Am I missing something quite obvious?

My temporary solution was to create a TIF, which distills fine, but I do
like the crispness of the EPS.

I did do some research in the Framers archives, btw, and although a
similar question has been posed I was not able to procure an answer.

Thanks in advance!

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