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Re: Fonts? What's the deal?

At 09:33 AM 11/10/98 -0500, Eric J. Stoffer wrote:
>If this question is already answered in an FAQ somewhere, please direct
>me there.  Otherwise...
>What is the deal with the different types of fonts?  I would like to
>understand it from the regular user standpoint, not the typesetter.  In
>FrameMaker I can choose from Postscript, True Type and ATM fonts.  Why
>would I choose one font format over another?  Does it become an issue
>when sending my documents to a printing house?  Is it an issue when
>generating PDF files?  An opinions on this issue would be appreciated.
>Thanks Eric Stoffer
1. ATM fonts are the same as postscript fonts

2. Don't use True-Type if you can avoid them.

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