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Re: typing special characters in dialog boxes, Windows, answered

Dennis Hays was first to the plate with my fish; 
Ron Hathcock was right behind him with my fishing pole 
(y'all know the metaphor about giving folks a fish to feed them 
vs. giving them a fishing pole to feed themselves, right?).

>>My magical solution for creating nearly automatic thumb tabs has come
>>unstuck on the platform from Redmond. 
>>The immediate problem: how do you type special characters into Frame 5.5
>>dialog boxes under Windows 95? 

Dennis wrote:

>For instance, an em dash, typed into a dialog box uses the following
>	\m = em dash
>	\n = en dash
.	\sn = en space
>	\sm = em space
>Hope this helps

and Ron wrote:

>In the 5.5 manual, you'll find the instructions for typing special
>characters in a dialog box in Appendix A, pages 511 - 512.

The joys of corporate license arrangements: I have no manual. Will
note that keyboard shortcuts help in Frame/Win is limited and 
look deeper in future.

>You can find most of the backslash codes in the on-line help if you dig
>carefully through it. I found it by looking in the Help Index for:
>   Dialog boxes, typing special characters in
>Follow that link and click on the right arrow. Under the "See Also" is a
>link for Windows. Click on it.
>The next screen has just a paragraph on it... but if you click on the right
>arrow, you'll find a three-screen table of codes.

Blessings on both your houses!

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply

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