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typing special characters into marker dialogs in Win95/Frame 5.5.3

Hi, guys,

My magical solution for creating nearly automatic thumb tabs has come
unstuck on the platform from Redmond. 

The immediate problem: how do you type special characters into Frame 5.5
dialog boxes under Windows 95?  If I start with Escape, it closes the
dialog. If I use the Windows-specific key combo, it doesn't work. I tried
copying and pasting from an em-space I typed into the body text, but I can't
be certain that the paste worked because there's no displayed
pseudo-character that shows me whether or not I've typed anything in.

Help appreciated by direct email...I'm hacking my way through the process of
registering or otherwise getting Adobe to acknowledge the divisional license
I'm using so I can talk to tech support...but you guys may save me first.

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply

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