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FM+SGML: round-trip graphics woe

I have a job which contains (references to) several hundred eps files, and
I can't get them to stay transparent.

The print version of this job has a printed tint on the page background.
The graphics should have no background (ie the image background should be

I can set this up so it works (though it doesn't show up on screen). But
when I export the file to SGML and reimport it, my graphics all have opaque
white backgrounds again.

I suspect I'm missing something simple but I can't see, for instance an fm
property I could set.

All images are saved in illustrator 7.0.1 (Mac) as illustrator eps with
8-bit PC previews. FM+SGML 5.5 on Win95.

Deadlines loom...

Mark Barratt
Text Matters                                   
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