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RE: Usding different pge sizes in the same document

>>I have a document in word which has one page in the landscape mode and
the rest in portrait.  ..... snippity-snip-snip ..... <<

Yes you can do this.  BUT your subject states that you want two
different page sizes; while your question alludes to the same page size,
but with one page in landscape mode.

You can not do two different page sizes (8.5x11 & 11x17)in the same
file, but you can put a landscaped page in the same file as your
portrait pages.   Using a rotated Master page.  It can also be in the
same flow (or not) as the rest of the document's text.  

Look in the User Guide Index (FM 5.5, Win/NT systems):
     orientation, page
          rotated 268

It is very clear and straight-forward.  We have several documents with
one or two rotated pages in landscape mode.  Some retain headers and
footers in the portrait mode with body in landscape, and others with all
in the landscape mode.  

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