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Re: copied graphics become grey boxes

The most amazing thing about this bug is how long it's been there without a
fix by Adobe.

No one (recently at least) has mentioned the case where a small EPS graphic
(e.g., a logo or icon) is imported by copy into a reference frame on a
reference page for use as a Frame above or below in certain paragraph
styles. The graphic on the reference page suddenly turns into a gray box,
which causes all instances of it to go gray also. In other cases, the EPS
logo or icon doesn't go gray in the Frame document, but when you print it,
some (but not all) instances of it print as gray boxes. Very weird.

I've seen the gray box problem occur even in very small documents that had
only a single imported-by-reference graphic, so I know the problem isn't
associated with memory allocation. 

Sometimes (but not always) I've cured it by saving the document as MIF and
then reopening the MIF in FrameMaker.

Since the problem seems to occur on all platforms, it's definitely being
caused by a bug in FrameMaker.

One wonders whether the problem is so intractable that, even if Adobe knows
the exact cause, they can't develop a fix. It seems more likely, however,
that Adobe either doesn't fully understand the cause, or simply won't apply
the resources needed to analyze the cause and fix it. I suspect Adobe won't
get on the stick and fix this glitch until the major license holders get
together and force them to. Any of you major license holders listening?

At 09:52 AM 10/27/98 -0600, Eric Houghton wrote:
>Dear Framers,
>We have also had many problems with graphics becoming gray boxes, in 5.1,
>5.5, 5.5.1, and 5.5.3. We have two people in our publications dept, one on
>a Mac (OS 8.1, 96MB), one on a PC. We import graphics (GIFs), usually but
>not always, screenshots, into shared Frame documents that live on the PC's
>hard drive.

Dan Emory
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