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Named Destinations

Anybody know what a Named Destination is?  And how/where it's defined?

I don't know if this is a FrameMaker problem or an Acrobat/Distiller
problem, but since it doesn't happen all the time, I suspect I have an
"opportunity" one of my FrameMaker files.

We're looking at a six-chapter book file, a little under 300 pages.
Every thing seems to work fine.  All the generated files work, and the
output looks fine.  And the save-as-pdf function seems to work ok too,
except for this book Acrobat posts a warning message to the log file:

% [ Warning: The following Named Destinations were not defined ] %

Except for this warning, I don't seem to have a problem.

Anybody have a clue?


P.S.  We're running FrameMaker 5.5.2 under Windows NT, version 4.0.

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