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Help! Find/Replace crashing FM553 Win95

It's late at night and I don't have time for this "stuff".

Win95  FM553

In Find/Replace:

Find text: "string "  (is "XXXS ")

Replace text: *nothing*

There are perhaps 100 occurrences in the document.  I have tried
making other text strings -- it doesn't seem to make a difference what
the text content is.  It also does NOT matter if the text is plain or
superscripted (see below).

You can Find/Change perhaps 2-3 dozen times before it crashes.  If you
try to do Change All In Document, it crashes immediately.  The crash
takes down FM, but the PC is okay.  It generates an error file to send
to Adobe.

I have not seen this mentioned before.  Did I miss it?

ALTERNATIVES??  Assuming that there is no workaround other than FM
556, my goal is:  The original document is in WordPerfect 8.  I am
trying to capture the superscript information in such a way that I can
apply the superscripts in FM using a Character Tag.  In WP8, I use
their find/replace to find SuperscriptOn, position before it, and put
in a unique string ("string ").  I do other stuff too and then import
into FM.  Then in FM, I capture the character tag with Copy Special. 
I Find "string *\>" (wildcards on) and replace By Pasting.  All that
DOES work great!  Then, I am simply trying to get rid of the string,
by replacing it with nothing -- that is when it dies.

Any ideas of an alternative approach.  Am I being stupid?

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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