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Re: Doc. Assessment Consultants

At 08:29 AM 10/23/98 -0700, Van Shackelford wrote:
>There used to be a company in the San Francisco Bay Area called _Electronic
>Book Technology_. They would analyze your organizations SGML efficiency and
>help set-up documentation departments to use SGML tools effectively. I used
>them some years back in another life. I'd like to find them again or a
>service like theirs.
EBT was bought by a company named INSO, which also bought the MasterSoft
filter product from Adobe, and then discontinued it. I went to their web
site several times trying to find out what happened to the MasterSoft
product, and when I couldn't find anything, I emailed them about it. Never
got a reply. Based on that experience, and their totally fouled up web site
(busted links, long delays, etc.), I decided to give them a no-confidence vote.

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