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Changing Subdocument Numbering When Saving As HTML

When using the Save As HTML command to generate multiple subdocuments from
a parent document (as described on pg. 446 of the FM 5.5 manual), the
subdocument files are automatically named with a ."number" suffix in the
name and a .html extension.

For example, generating subdocuments from cmnds.fm results in cmnds.html
(parent document), cmnds.1.html (first subdocument), cmnds.2.html (second
subdocument), and so forth. Does anybody know how to get rid of the .(dot)
in the name (so just the sequential number appears in a subdocument,
without the dot ), and change the file name extension from .html to .htm?
We have naming conventions to follow that are different than these
defaults, and I don't especially want to go in and manually have to make
these modifications not only to file names, but also to all of the links.

I am using FrameMaker+SGML 5.5. for Windows NT, with a structured document.



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