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Re: White Paper proposal


I have a long history of Wintel and use both Frame and Acrobat regularly.
I'd like to raise my hand and offer to collaborate.


Bill Briggs <web@nbnet.nb.ca> on 10/20/98 09:51:37 AM

To:   Free Framers <framers@omsys.com>
cc:    (bcc: Dennis Hays/ALBANY/NOVALIS)
Subject:  White Paper proposal

A couple of years ago, after we got into regular production of PDF versions
of documentation, it became apparent that there was a lot of confusion
around how to handle raster images included in the documents.  To answer
the concern, I created a roughly 20 page job aid that gave clear
instruction about what to do (and went into some detail to explain why).
I've had a look at it recently, and there is a possibility to expand it and
make it better (and a need to remove any site specific things from it
before it goes out to the public).

Specifically, while I do have a windows (95) version of Frame, I don't use
it enough to be familiar with the intricacies of problems on the windows
side.  Things like colour and printer driver issues could be better
explained by someone who works around these things regularly.  Also I only
have patchy access to Unix Frame and no familiarity with the
platform-specific issues there.  I wonder if anyone wants to help me put
together the material for the upgraded version, please let me know, and
after I crawl out from under the pile in front of me, we can get to work on

The white paper could stand as a ready-made answer to question like "why
are the screen captures in my PDFs fuzzy?"  Because PDFs have become so
widely used, and the number of questions about PDFs on framers is a
significant proportion of the whole, a document like this would address
some of that traffic.

Anyone interested?

- web

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