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Re: OT: RE: Graphics Tool functionality

On 30 Nov 2005, at 20:13, Peter Gold wrote:

At 2:36 PM -0500 11/30/05, Loren R. Elks wrote:
I think Bridge is great, but it is also a RAM Hog.

I can't disagree about RAM, but RAM's reasonably inexpensive, and in modern systems like OS X and Win XP, when an application is not actively processing, it's "parked" with a very small memory impact.

I installed Bridge the other day and looks to be a cool app. Although like all the other CS2 apps, it is rather memory hungry and gives the swap file a real workout on my Mac with 1-gigabyte of memory. In 2002, that was my minimum memory requirement for new hardware. I'd recommend at least 2 GB if you intend to run several CS2 apps simultaneously. CPU-wise they appear to be OK and don't hog processor cycles.

Getting back to Bridge, it looks to be a very useful application. It shows previews of all the files in a folder, including FrameMaker documents, PDFs, EPS files, AI files, PSD files (Photoshop), and more.

Adobe say: "From Bridge you can view, search, sort, manage, and process image files. You can use Bridge to create new folders; rename, move, and delete files; edit metadata; rotate images; and run batch commands. You can also view information about files and data imported from your digital camera."

I'm currently looking at thumbnail previews of all 195 EPS graphics in my current job. A great way to locate files. I can increase the size of the thumbnails by using a slider, just like the one in iPhoto.

Adobe appear to have taken the best bits from Mac and Windows and built their own file manager. In fact, with the CS2 apps, they've even redesigned the Mac OS X Open and Save dialog boxes.

Now if only Adobe could produce a Mac application that did cross-references, table footnotes, complex auto-numbering, variables...


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