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Graphics question

Hi all...

A quick question before I chew up a day experimenting.

Is there any raster format (PNG TIFF, TGA, whatever) that preserves its
transparency when imported into FM?

I want to vignette a number of screen captures so that I only show the
area of discussion, but I don't want a hard crop, as that does not show
that the area in question is part of a larger object. I seem to remember
doing this via PS/EPS many years ago, but as I recall, that was a real
pain, and not terribly efficient.  What I plan on creating is four "fade
to white" effect areas (Left, Top, Right, Bottom) that I can then
overlay on the base image.

Any input/suggestions gratefuly accepted.

(Watching "Mick and the lads" set up next door for tonight's $$$

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