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[ARTICLE] Adobe on DITA - Interview about internal use of DITA at Adobe

Check out the article: http://www.travelthepath.com/structure.html

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Adobe Systems Speaks Out on DITA: Internal Use of FrameMaker, CMS, and DITA

If you're looking for information about real-world use of DITA, you might want to check out this interview with Puny Sen, Project Lead, Instructional Communications, Adobe Systems. Sen is candid, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly about the software giant's foray into the world of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) including:

* the percentage of content Adobe was able to reuse
* the difficulties writers faced moving from unstructured to structured FrameMaker
* the need for DITA specialization wizards
* the absence of mature Map editors
* why DITA needs to be constrained
* why information architecture needs to be adapted to DITA
* the flattening of conditional text, attributes, and cross-references
* and the need for a close examination of content granularity prior to adopting DITA

Check out the article: http://www.travelthepath.com/structure.html

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