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Space available at post-Chautauqua workshop

There is still space available at the Introduction to Using Structure workshop following the FrameMaker Chautauqua in Raleigh, NC. Topics on November 10 include:

- Structured authoring
- Building a structured template (including an EDD)

Topics on November 11 include:

- Converting legacy documents
- Moving documents between FrameMaker and XML
- Using XSLT to support additional XML conventions

For details, see http://www.travelthepath.com/chat/workshops2.html.


Lynne A. Price
Text Structure Consulting, Inc.
Specializing in structured FrameMaker consulting, application development, and training
lprice@xxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.txstruct.com
voice/fax: (510) 583-1505 cell phone: (510) 421-2284

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