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RE: FrameMaker Release 7.2

At 12:47 PM 9/19/2005, Steve Whitlatch wrote:
Also, open question to anyone at all. Given a FrameMaker book, and of course by
"book" I mean that it includes all the usual generated lists (TOC, LOT, LOF,
Index, etc.), how does one prevent FrameMaker from exporting these generated
lists as part of the XML tree?

Sorry for the delayed response.
In the book, if you haven't done so already, wrap the BOOK-COMPONENT bubble for a generated list in an element such as GeneratedList, TOC, etc.
If you want to drop these elements completely, add a read/write for each of them in the form:
fm element "GeneratedList" drop;
You can also retain an empty element in XML to indicate the position in the hierarchy where you want a FrameMaker generated file. Use a rule of the form:
element "GeneratedList" writer drop content;


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