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Dzbatcher problems and general questions related to framemaker/script and webworks


I am new in this group and apologize for possibly asking things already
discussed. (which I cannot find on freeframers)
Few days ago I got involved in our documentation team and was asked to
automate specific parts. Via this website I was informed about the
dzbatcher tool which is quite usefull. I have 2 problems though:

P1. When I use the saveas pdf function on framemaker books, it creates
only a temporary .tps format. This I can feed to distiller, but I wonder
why dzbatcher does not do this for me. (use version FM7)
P2. When I use the print function to print to a postscript file, nothing
happens but also no error is shown or logged. Not quite sure how I can
print a .book or .mf to .ps

And also two questions:

Q1. From what I have read it seems dzbatcher cannot automatically start
framescript jobs. On frameexport.com a tool scriptlauncher is offered
for 300, but I dont know if this is required to automate (run
unattended) or that there is a (preferably free) workaround
Q2. We also use webworks to generate HTML and CHM files, using MIF as
intermediate format. I wonder if somebody has experience with WW in
combination with FM/FS to automate certain tasks.

Any help is appreciated.

With kind regards,
Nico Schuurmans

Honeywell Safety Management Systems
Rietveldenweg 32/A
5222 AR 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Phone desk: +31 73 6273257
Server room:+31 73 6273305
Fax :       +31 73 6219125
Mail:Postbus 116, 5201 AC  Den Bosch

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