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PDFMark check boxes are invisible after distilling

Hi Framers,

I've got the following PDFMark code in a FrameMaker document:

[ /Subtype /Widget/Rect [ 0 0 36 36 ]
/T (Checkbox)
/FT /Btn 
/H /P 
/F 4 
/MK << /BC [ 1 0 0 ] /BG [ 1 1 1 ] /CA (4) >> 
/DA (/ZaDb 0 Tf 0 g) 
/ANN pdfmark

When distilled with Distiller 7, the resulting check box is invisible in the
PDF file, the border as well as the check mark. The check box can be
selected with the "Check Box Tool" of Acrobat though, and the properties
displayed by Acrobat are correct, too (red border, visible, check box style,
etc.). When I open the "border color" palette and select the same color that
is already preset (red) and click "Close" afterwards, the check box appears
with the correct border color.

What's wrong with my PDFMark? It obviously creates a chack box and sets the
correct properties, but why isn't the box displayed? :-/

Any help on this would be highly appreciated...

Marcus Baake

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