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Re: Fw: FrameMaker Release 7.2

--- Marcus Carr <mcarr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> How does pushing a tech writer into a IT position
> accomplish any of those objectives?
I agree with Marcus. If IT people argued they could
write a better tech manual and do it faster because
they would have no learning curve, tech writers would
argue they're wrong because they're stepping out of
their area of specialization. The fact that some IT
people and some tech writers might be able to succeed
in doing the other's job just as well doesn't change
the argument a bit. An IT person or a tech writer who
tries to do the other's job is not only on an ego
trip, he/she is also virtually guaranteeing that the
result will not only be inferior, but will also cost
more than if each stuck to their own field of

That, however does not mean there isn't a solution
which avoids this impasse. Such a solution would
require that XSLT production would be accomplished
"under the hood" within FrameMaker itself by providing
the capability to dirctly convert an EDD's format
rules into an XSL instance, plus a separate set of
write rules to transform the EDD's structure rules
and/or element names to an XML schema whose structure
and/or element names differ from the EDD-defined
structure. When Adobe (or some third pary) comes up
with that solution, the argument disappears because it
eliminates all need for heavy IT involvement.

Dan Emory & Associates
FrameMaker/FrameMaker+SGML Document Design & Database Publishing
DW Emory <danemory7224@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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