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using tables for graphics

[cross-posted to Framers and WWP-users]


I am currently evaluating a new Frame template, which does some things
a bit differently than I am currently doing them. I dimly recall problems
(either in Frame or in our WWP conversion to HTML) with some of these,
but cannot remember any specifics. (We worked through many WWP
conversion issues a few years ago, but have been chugging along since
then using templates that do a great job, so I've forgotten many of the
issues we confronted.) I'm wondering if anyone has any comments on:

anchoring tables to the preceding paragraph, instead of to their own
(empty) paragraph

  I anchor tables to their own paragraph, but the new template does

placing graphics in anchored frames, but not in tables.

Currently, I have table formats for screeshots and drawings. The table title provides the caption; the single table cell contains the anchored frame for the graphic. I seem to recall pagination issues (where the figure title would *not* stay with the anchored frame, no matter how many 'keep withs' were defined), and am concerned about HTML conversion (ability to control indents, etc.).

notes, tips, cautions not set up as tables

Currently, notes, tips, and cautions in my Frame templates are added as single-row, two-celled table. In the first cell, there's an empty paragraph tagged with a format that includes a graphic from the reference page. In the other cell is the note or tip text, which can include multiple paragraphs, including (sometimes) bulleted lists.

  In the new template, the notes, tips, etc are not set up as tables.
  There's a sidehead para for the icon and the appropriate word
  ("Note,", "Tip," "Caution"), and the icon comes from the reference
  page. Then, there are various text paragraphs, the first of which
  aligns itself at the same level as the sidehead.

  I don't know if these can be converted into tables in WWP. Any
  suggestions? Or, conversely: is there a way to set these up as
  tables in Frame, so that they look the same? That is, can I design
  a table that has one cell left of the text margin (like a sidehead), and
  the other cell in the margin?

Using Frame 7.0, WWP 7.0.6, Dynamic HTML conversion.

Many thanks for any comments or advice!

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