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Color transformation using Mac OS X, FM7 an Distiller 6

It is the old color separation game again.

I am using FM7 on Mac OS X which runs really fine, though not native.
All my FM colors are defined to be CMYK.
I try to get a composit PDF file, where all colors are CMYK (including
pictures as well as
all colored FM elements). All my pictures are in CMYK.
I produce PostScript to a file as print output and use
Distiller 5 or 6 for conversion to PDF.
If I do preflight check using Acrobat 6, I get most of my FM-colors as spot
Is there a way to avoid this?
Do do not want to do real color sparation in FM, as my printer wants to get
a CMYK-composit
and do his own color separation with his own tools.

Regards Jürgen Gulbins

Jürgen Gulbins
DMS, Security
Kapellenstrasse 15
D75210 Keltern-Niebelsbach
Tel.:   +49 (7082) 948251
Fax :   +49 (7082) 948251
Mobile: +49 (173) 352 14 96
eMail:  juergen@xxxxxxxxxx
Web:    www.gulbins.de

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