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Re: Color consistency from Frame to PDF

Unfortunately, under Windows (all versions), all non-EPS content
is output as RGB, not CMYK. Spot colors are effectively lost.
You can use any one of a number of solutions to convert them back
to CMYK or spot colors. The first is a Distiller pre-processor such as  
Grafikhuset's product, Chameleon CMYK Creator,
The other is to use an Acrobat plug-in, such as Enfocus Pitstop,
to change a particular RGB color, after the fact, to a Pantone
color, CMYK or spot.

        - Dov

At 12/26/2003 12:42 PM, Peter Desjardins wrote:
>I am using Framemaker 7.0 on Windows 2000 to produce PDFs for commercial printing.  The text and other graphic elements (lines, boxes, ...) on my pages are a blue color.  I have an EPS logo image on each page that is the same blue color.  All the blues are supposed to match.
>The graphic designer who provided the EPS logo told me that it is Pantone 2935 U.  In Framemaker, I used that Pantone color for all the text and graphics on the page.  In the PDF result, the EPS graphic matches my Pantone color catalog but the text and other graphics are a different lighter color.  My Distiller job options are set to "Press."
>As per other postings on this subject, I have set "GetLibraryColorRGBFromCMYK" to "None" in my maker.ini file.  I understand that the EPS color is not interfered with by Windows but the colors for Framemaker elements are.
>Is there any way (using Windows) for me to specify the same Pantone color that is used in the EPS logo graphic for the Framemaker text and graphics and have all the colors match?
>Sorry to bring up an often mentioned issue again.  Thank you for your help.
>Peter Desjardins
>The Oak Group
>Wellesley, MA USA

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