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New structapps.fm template

  After many years of "knowing" that FM does not recognize application definition files in which the defined elements differ from those in the original, I tested it one more time and discovered that it is indeed possible to add a Comment element to application definitions.

  Text Structure Consulting is therefore pleased to make available a template for application definition files that differs from the version of structapps.fm that comes with FM 7.0 in the
following ways:

- A FrameMaker 7.0 application definition file can define both XML and SGML applications. The permitted content of the two types of applications differs. However, the formatting of the application definition file included with FrameMaker 7.0 does not distinguish them. Instead of prefixing the name of every application with “Application Name:”, the revised template uses “XML Application Name:” or “SGML Application Name:”. 

- The revised template adds a Comment element, permitted within and between application definitions, that allows you to insert comments in the main flow of an application definition file. Since the trick of placing comments in background flows on master pages is no longer necessary, the revised template removes the First master page, and moves the comment it contained to a Comment element. 

- The revised template adds attributes CommentsDisplayColor, CommentsDisplayWeight, CommentsPrefix, and CommentsSuffix to the StructuredSetup highest-level element. These attributes control formatting of comments in the same way that attributes of the same name on the highest-level element of an EDD - control formatting of EDD comments.

- The revised template changes the prefix for the XmlCharacterEncoding and XmlWriteRules elements to indicate that these elements were supported only in FrameMaker+SGML 6.0. 

- The revised template inserts a page break before an application definition if the application does not fit in entirety on the current page. Thus, if possible, the entire application definition fits on one page. 

  The template can be downloaded from the Tips and Free Tools section of http://www.txstruct.com. Please let me know of any problems or suggestions for change.

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