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Re: How to get figure counter to reset by itself

Ron Teplitz wrote:
> You don't need to put everything in a single file to
> make that numbering scheme work. We use it with
> multiple files and control some of the aspects of
> numbering from the book. 

Hi, Ron,

I realize that the numbering scheme will work on a
book.  The problem is CiteMaker, the plugin that
compiles a list of references from a database based on
citations in the text.  CiteMaker only works on
individual files.  That made me sad because my method
to do proper numbering was based on having a book, with
one file per chapter.  Since then, many people have
shown me how to do proper numbering without having
adopt a multi-file book approach.

However, I am beginning to realize how unweldy it is to
put everything into one file, for the reasons I
mentioned in my last post.  It is probably better to
use the book approach, generating one list of
references per chapter file.  I will have to
consolidate all the references at the end by
renumbering them, as well as the citations to them.
                                           :(  :(  :(

I have a small smattering of experience with the Perl
language.  I'm thinking of maybe writing a program to
do the consolidation.  It sounds like it could get
quite complicated (for my level of experience with
Perl).  At first glance, I'd have to add a
chapter-dependent numerical offset to each citation
number.  I'd also have to check for references that are
duplicated across chapters.  These duplicates could
complicate the program, because it means the numerical
offset can change within the same chapter.

Also, the citations embedded within the text are in
some custom format, with undeciperable nonvisible
characters.  I can study the mif file to see if I
understand what they are, or if it matters.  Maybe
they're just delimiters.  I can avoid dealing with
custom variable definitions by converting all the
variables to text and applying another Perl script to
the mif file to renumber them.  This could be quite
manual and laborious if I have to change the document
significantly after consolidating the references.


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