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Re: How to get figure counter to reset by itself

Ron, Lester, Becky,

Thanks for clarifying the use of multiple counters.
However, I believe that I have to approach it from the
point of view of a book of FM files.  Some
files/chapters are several Megabytes and take forever
to load.  I've also got a TOC (which I prefer to keep
as a separate file).  Also, CiteMaker creates a
separate file.  All of this can be circumvented, so it
is possible to pack everything into a single file.  But
I suspect that doing  so is just asking for trouble (in
addition to getting sluggish response).


P.S.  I do in fact import many pictures by copying.
This is because there have been a number of times in
the past when I kept the pictures external and lost
some picture files through bookkeeping errors.

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