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Re: (1)Determine page overrides; (2) Citemaker page layout

> I am looking at a document that has the first page
> layout different from the 2nd page (the text box
> size differs).  There is only one master page (named
> "Right").  The 2nd page follows this layout, but the
> first does not.  The first question is how I can
> determine whether page one is just the Right master
> page with some overrides, or follows some other master
> page or rule to arrive at its layout.

If you view Master pages and then go back to Body pages,
you'll get a warning message if there are any page layout
overrides compared to the Master pages. The warning
displays the total number of affected body pages, and
the page number of the first affected page. You should
have received such a message.

A "page layout override" includes body text frames that
have been manually deleted, moved or resized, or that have
had any other change to their Object Properties on the body
pages (compared to the Master pages).
It does *not* include any elements that have been *added*
to the body pages (text frames, unanchored graphics, etc.)

So you cannot tell by looking in some field or list if a
specific body page has a layout override, but you will get
a clue from the override warning.

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