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(1)Determine page overrides; (2) Citemaker page layout


Another question motivated by my forays into citemaker
land.  But it relates to a basic FM question.  I am
looking at a document that has the first page layout
different from the 2nd page (the text box size
differs).  There is only one master page (named
"Right").  The 2nd page follows this layout, but the
first does not.  The first question is how I can
determine whether page one is just the Right master
page with some overrides, or follows some other master
page or rule to arrive at its layout.

I browsed the online help to see if I can tell whether
the 1st page has any overrides.  For example, if a
paragraph has overrides to a base paragraph format,
it's paragraph name has an asterisk beside it.  This
doesn't seem to be the way pages work.  Sure, there is
an asterisk beside the page number at the bottom of the
window, but that asterisk goes away when I save the
document.  So asterisk by the page number really
indicates whether the document needs saving, not
whether the page has any overrides.

When I select Format->PageLayout->MasterPageUsage in
the first page, the popup window shows the Right master
page selected.  That doesn't mean that page 1 follows
the Right layout; if it did, it would be same as page
2.  The fact that the Right master page is selected
merely reflects the default to be applied.  When I
apply this default, page 1 does indeed change to match
page 2.

It may seem strange that I'm left wondering whether
page 1 has overrides, but the document is not created
by me.  It is automatically created by CiteMaker, a
bibliography plug-in to FM.  This leads to the 2nd
question.  Why does CiteMaker create an oddball page 1?
CiteMaker is suppose to take its format from a template
FM file.  That file has only the Right master page, and
one body page that follows the Right master page.
Right now, whenever I regenerate the bibliography, page
1 always gets remade with its oddball layout.  Anyway,
I'm not too hopeful that question 2 will be answered,
as CiteMaker seems to be an FM fringe culture.  Never
hurts to ask, though.


P.S. Sent to comp.text.frame, adobe.framemaker, and
Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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