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OpenType or Postscript to solve Bullets>Yen problem?

After some years successfully printing/pdfing our dox based on the default
MacOS9x truetype face Times New Roman, now pdfing, and printing to certain
printers, results in the bullets becoming yens and apostrophes dropping

I have tried to research, understand, and resolve this problem online to no
avail. Now I am considering purchasing either the Adobe postscript or open
type version of this basic family (roman/italic, bold/italic).

Currently dox are only produced here on the Mac. When the dept grows it'll
likely include one or more pc users. Hence the open type format, given the
5-seat license, holds some appeal.

Primary, though, is resolving with finality this character remapping issue.
Will open type do that? Will it introduce other issues that postscript would
not (for Mac OS9, Classic, X, and flavor-of-the-year pcs)? I can tolerate
any reflow issues plus any para/char tag reformatting due to using distinct

thx in advance!

Bart Windrum
GUI Fit&Finish and Documentation
Diogenes Inc.
Denver Colorado USA

720 210 1011 direct
720 904 2321 main
720 904 9032 fax

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