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CiteMaker problems with FM6

Sorry once again for possibly reposting, I hope I
don't get a reputation for repeat postings.  It
seems that this gets lost if I try to send it to
various newsgroups and email addresses. 

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: CiteMaker problems with FM6
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 02:33:01 -0400
From: Fred Ma <fma@doe.carleton.ca>
To: framers@omsys.com
Newsgroups: comp.text.frame

Cretu wrote:
> In short, I have been using Citemaker from Framemaker
> 5.7 up to now, when I use Framemaker 7. It worked in
> all versions, except that you must pay attention to
> the settings. For instance, Framemaker SGML, in
> version 6, does not use maker.ini, but another file
> (I believe fmsgml.ini) for the settings. It is not
> recognized by Citemaker Windows installer, and you
> need to edit the [API Clients] section by hand.  For
> instance, for Framemaker 7, the line I have added in
> maker.ini, in [API Clients] sections, looks like:
> Citemaker=Standard,Citemaker Utility, 
> c:\local\citemaker\Frame55\bin\citemaker.dll,all
> In Framemaker 6 it should look similarly. except for
> the "all" at the end:
> Citemaker=Standard,Citemaker Utility, 
> c:\local\citemaker\Frame55\bin\citemaker.dll
> What kind of crashes did you encounter? Once I have
> managed to set it up, it worked for me.
> Best regards,
> Edmond

Hi, Edmond,

I've tried it on both Win2K and solaris; both crashed.
So far as solaris goes, there doesn't seem to be any
obvious fixes and I have decided not to pursue it
anymore.  Here's what it says on SOLARIS 8:

   The database is valid.

   maker: Internal Error 6003, 1409796, 2534828,
   -17570116. FrameMaker has detected a serious problem
   and must quit.

   maker: A file named
   "/var/tmp/FrameLog_03.06.25_16.14.13" has been
   generated which contains information that may help
   Frame development improve the product for future

So far as WIN2K goes, I managed to avoid the crashes by
allowing the setup program CiteMakerF55.exe to install
at the default location c:\CiteMaker.  When I
experienced crashing, I specified the nondefault
installation director c:\Program files\CiteMaker.

Another correction I made to maker.ini was to change

   bibtool=Standard,Bibtool Utility,
            c:\Program Files\CiteMaker\bin\bibtool.dll


   CiteMaker=Standard,CiteMaker Utility,

The first line was advised in the file readme.txt, even
though there is no such file as bibtool.dll.  The path
was determined according to the instructions in
readme.txt.  The instructions are probably out of date,
since it also advises running setup.exe, though there
is no such file.

There are still problems preventing the generation of a
bibliography.  The first is a minor problem.  CiteMaker
is not pointing at the default template file, as it
should, according to the instructions.  That's easy to

The remaining problem is a show stopper  The generated
reference list is empty, aside from the title
"References".  The log file work.blg contains

   This is BibTeX, C Version 0.99c

   The top-level auxiliary file:
   The style file:

   3004: Sorry---you've exceeded BibTeX's
   wizard-defined function space 3000
   (That was a fatal error)

This is strange, as I make only one citation,
and the bib database contains only 2 entries:

   @inproceedings{ dehon94dpgacoupled,
       author = "Andr{\'{e}} DeHon",
       title = "{DPGA}-Coupled Microprocessors:
                Commodity {IC}s for the Early 21st
       booktitle = "{IEEE} Workshop on {FPGA}s for
                    Custom Computing Machines",
       publisher = "{IEEE} Computer Society Press",
       address = "Los Alamitos, CA",
       editor = "Duncan A. Buell and Kenneth L. Pocek",
       pages = "31--39",
       year = "1994",
       url = "citeseer.nj.nec.com/65479.html" }

   @inproceedings{ wirthlin95disc,
       author = "M. J. Wirthlin and B. L. Hutchings",
       title = "{DISC}: the dynamic instruction set
       booktitle = "Field Programmable Gate Arrays
                    ({FPGA}s) for Fast Board
                    Development and Reconfigurable
                    Computing, Proc. {SPIE} 2607",
       publisher = "{SPIE} -- The International Society
                    for Optical Engineering",
       address = "Bellingham, WA",
       editor = "John Schewel",
       pages = "92--103",
       year = "1995",
       url = "citeseer.nj.nec.com/wirthlin95disc.html"

Note that I have prettified the above entries.  The
actual bib file does not have wrap-around of quoted

Thanks for any further pointers.


P.S. This was sent to comp.text.frame,
adobe.framemaker, and framers@omsys.com.
Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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