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RE: Getting cross-ref window to remember last settings

Hi Fred;

> So I was wishing, hoping, and dreaming that it
> would be nice if the cross-reference panel would
> only remember its last setting.  Maybe something
> for the future.  Assuming that it isn't possible
> already....

One way to deal with this, if you are putting in a lot of references at one
time, is to copy a correct cross-reference to the clipboard.  Paste it in
wherever you need another cross-reference.  Double-click on it, which should
open the cross-reference dialog already pointing to a correct type of
paragraph in the correct document.  Select the para you want from the list
and click Replace--done!

This is a handy way to deal with a bunch of similar cross-references (same
format, same para type, same doc).  The downside is that the clipboard
contents tend to get clobbered often, at least the way I work.

Ed (used to middle-mouse-button X copy methods) Treijs

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