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Getting cross-ref window to remember last settings

Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I
was thinking wouldn't this be a very nice
(and sensible) feature.  I have all my citations
in a file References.doc, which is one file in a
book.  Everytime I cite a reference from within
another doc file, the default file is the current
file, not References.doc.  And the paragraph
format to be cited is never the one for the
references in References.doc.  I've got over
100 references, so I'm getting very familiar with
making citations by repeatedly reselecting
References.doc, then choosing the paragraph
format for the references, then scrolling down
to the last few references.  Very, very familiar
with it.

So I was wishing, hoping, and dreaming that it
would be nice if the cross-reference panel would
only remember its last setting.  Maybe something
for the future.  Assuming that it isn't possible


PS: Sent to comp.text.frame, framers@omsys.com,
and adobe.framemaker.
Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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