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Re: Dov's Acrobat 6 Job Options

Hey Mike,

Look on the PlanetPDF website. My TWO presentations from the
very recent PDF Conference are posted there for your
entertainment and edification. I will consider posting .joboptions
files when I get home.

        - Dov (back to my regularly scheduled vacation, already in progress)

At 6/12/2003 11:14 AM, Mike Wickham wrote:
>Hey, Dov,
>I realize you are travelling and probably won't see this for a while, but 
>I'm posting while it's fresh in my mind.
>Your FrameUsers 2002 presentation is posted in the Adobe FrameMaker 
>user-to-user forum. (GREAT presentation, BTW.) It contains your recommended 
>job option settings for Acrobat 5. I was wondering if you have available an 
>updated version of those settings for Acrobat 6? Even better, is there 
>somewhere we could download the .joboptions files? :)
>Mike Wickham (mewickham@compuserve.com)
>Pleco Press, publisher of aquarium books 

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