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Using FM filename as HTML <title> with Mif2Go

I want to use my Framemaker filenames as the <title>s for HTML files that I am generating with Mif2Go.

The user's guide indicates that this is possible but I am not getting the syntax correctly (I guess).  I've tried various combinations of the code in the guide but none have worked yet.

Can someone tell me what to put in mif2htm.ini so that the <title> is the filename of the Framemaker source file?  Is it right here in this excerpt?

**** Excerpt from Mif2Go User Guide ****

To assign a title via [Titles], assign the title text to the original file name; for example:

; html filename = title, overrides [HtmlStyles] Title setting
m2r=DCL MIF2RTF Filter Description

**** End Excerpt ****


Peter Desjardins
The Oak Group
Wellesley, MA  USA

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