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Locating missing graphics

According to the FM7.0 User Guide, page 424, 'Locating missing graphics', if
you select "Update Document to Use New Path" FM continues to use the new
path to try to find other missing referenced files while opening the
document.  It does not specify that this behavior does not apply to *.sgm

So I tried it, loading an *.fm document after moving the graphics so as to
force the dialog box.  When prompted for the first graphics file, I
navigated to it and clicked Continue.  The file loaded with all the
remaining graphics without hesitation.  However, when I tried the same thing
with the *.sgm version, the dialog opened for each and every graphics file
referenced.  And all the graphics are in the same directory.

So I went back to FM+SGML 5.5.6 and sure enough, I encountered that dialog
box only one time regardless of the file type I was opening.  All the
remaining graphics were found without any more input on my part.

I couldn't find any search hits on this one so my case must be unique, which
begs the question: Am I doing something wrong here, or am I the only one
opening SGML files with graphics references?  At this point the User Guide,
for me, does not agree with the actual behavior for all file types.

Any suggestions?

Chuck Vorndran
Software Development Engineer
Xerox Corporation


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