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RE: Acrobat 6 Professional

Before I put in an upgrade request to my supervising VP, it would be nice to
know if this upgrade is worth the money. Getting budget approval for
software has not returned yet to the rubber-stamp days.

For our company's customer documentation, I currently produce the original
work in FM6 before generating PDFs for digital/offset printing and screen
viewing. I enable hyperlinking and bookmarking within the same document and
want more clarity in my screen captures, photos, and drawings than was
provided by v5.05. Re security, since these are usually public domain docs,
I only need to prevent changing the doc in order to "protect" the
copyrighted material.

Is there already a "grapevine" out there of persons with opinions about
Acrobat 6 Professional? It would be nice to make an informed choice and
justified reasons to management.


David Schor
Technical Publications Manager
Tel: (+972) 9 959 0006
Mobile: 054 788 253

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I just noticed this.

Amazon.com is currently advertizing Acrobat 6 Professional Upgrade for


I'm not sure if there are any conditions.


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