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Re: Acrobat/Frame installation on Windows 2003?

Windows 2003 Server is effectively Windows XP for servers
with some additional security features and fixes. Anything
that applies to Adobe applications under Windows XP should
apply here.

Quite frankly, you should avoid installing Acrobat 5 followed
by the 5.0.5 upgrader. The installation is a tad dicey
compared installing 5.0.5 directly. Better yet, use 6.0.

ATM Lite provides absolutely no added value if you aren't using
Multiple Master fonts for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server.

There is no good reason to for "adding a dummy 'to File' PS printer
instance" under Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server -- again, use
Acrobat 5.0.5 or later to avoid problems!

The PPD file font edit hack still applies.

        - Dov (on the road on a low speed dial-up line)

At 5/28/2003 06:07 AM, Roger Shuttleworth wrote:
>Hi All
>We are setting up a new machine to run Acrobat 5.05 and Frame 7, using
>Windows 2003 Server. This will be a clean install. I am aware of the
>installation issues on Windows 2000, but would like to know if there is
>anything else we should be aware of.
>For Acrobat, we have the 5.0 disk, so we'll install that, then upgrade to
>Is there any benefit in installing ATM Lite? We are not using MM fonts.
>Would the quirks for XP apply? e.g. do we need to bother about adding a
>dummy "to File" PS printer instance?
>Do we need to edit the PPD files to delete font specifications other than
>Do distiller settings recommended for 2000 apply to 2003?
>Anything else I should know??
>Roger Shuttleworth
>London, Canada
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