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SaveAs PDF in FM7: PDF 1.3 or PDf 1.4

Maybe somebody can explain these rather strange goings on behind the scenes using SaveAs PDF in FM7 Unix Solaris.

As expected a .tps file is produced, first line indicates: %!PS-Adobe-3.0.
A .pdf file appears, first line of file indicates: %PDF-1.3
The .pdf file disappears (actually it becomes a zero byte file).
A couple of minutes later a final PDF with first line indicating %PDF-1.4 appears and the .tps finally disappears.

So it appears a PDF 1.3 file is built and then a 1.4 PDF is built. A weird way to go about building a 1.4 file, it seems to me. So is the 1.3 file thrown away, or is it used to build the 1.4 version.

BTW: The test file was rather large by my standards (5+ gig for both pdf and tps files), so there was plenty of time to look at the first line designations while they were being built.

Curious Craig

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