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RE: Space above tables in Structured FrameMaker

On Wednesday, May 21, 2003 13:39, David Knopf <david@knopf.com> wrote:
>In Unstructured FrameMaker, it's relatively easy to add a certain amount 
>of space above a table only if the table does not start at the top of a 
>page. For example, you can define an anchor-table pgf tag with space 
>above 23pt, space below -18pt, fixed 0pt line spacing, and 2 pt font 
>size, and then for the table fmt, set the space above to -2 pt and the 
>space below to 30pt.
>If you structure a set of documents and promote the tables so they are 
>siblings of the paragraphs they follow, this approach cannot be applied 
>because there is no anchor-table pgf tag. In Structured FrameMaker, what 
>is the best way to allow a certain amount of space above a table only 
>when the table does not appear at the top of a page?

At 07:05 PM 5/21/03 -0400, Lester C. Smalley wrote:
>If this is always to be a specific amount of space, could set the "Space Above" for the table format to the required value?

>However, there is a trick that may get what you want.  The table is anchored in a paragraph, and you can control the tag via the Text Format Rules for the table, so that you could specify via context/level rules the style of anchoring paragraph.  If you do this, you must add additional rules to control the default format associated with the actual cell contents (typically on the "Entry" element that is the table cell).

To elaborate a bit on Lester's reply:

1)  If you want a separate anchoring paragraph, you can define an element
    for it in your EDD, format it just as you do in an unstructured document,
    and make the table a child of this new element.

2)  You may be able to avoid the issue entirely using the space-above
    setting in the table format.


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