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FM not recognizing .fm files

Hi All,

One of my former students called me with a techie problem I can't seem to figure
out. He is running FM7 on Win2000. Their sys admin was playing around with file
permissions to try to ensure no one but the tech writer could access the FM
document files. It caused some problems with their network, so he supposedly set
all the file permissions back where they were.

Here's the problem: now my student can't open his .fm files from within FM. He
gets the "unknown file type" error message and the program asks him to identify
the program to filter the docs into FM. I asked him to check that he could see
the file extensions and ensure they were .fm file extensions (they are). He has
rebooted his computer, but to no avail.

Has anyone seen this before? Anything he can do?

Best regards,
Becky Swanson
Benchmark Publications Group, Inc.

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