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Re: Updating large books

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From: "Mark OConnor" <mark.oconnor@alcatel.com>
> Unfortunately, it takes
> 5 to 6 hours to generate the Toc and Index (even with all other update
> options turned off, and with all files set to "Suppress automatic
> updating").  FrameMaker is opening and scanning the files at least four
> times.

If you're sure you have turned off all other update operations in the
Update Book dialog, FM shouldn't open the files *four* times.
Are you sure FM is not also saving the files between each open?

Have you tried to Open All Files in Book first? Maybe that's not
possible with the large books you have, but try running only FM7
(no other applications), hold down Shift and select Open All Files
in the File menu. If you're working with files on a network, the
file open operations can slow you down considerably. If the files
are already open when you Update, things go a lot faster.

>   Is there any way to get FrameMaker to only create the Toc and Index?
> Is there some attribute I can set that tells FrameMaker the file is
> "current" and does not need to be scanned?

Well, the files have to be read for FM to create a generated file.
There's no "current" attribute that I'm aware of; that wouldn't work.

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Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
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