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Re: OT: PC Processor Speed Recommend


If you really think that you can run that much on a 300mhz system
with 256MB memory with Windows 2000 or XP and you believe Microsoft's
"minimum system requirements", I have a bridge to sell 50% of, at least
three times over ...

If you are buying a new system and are on a tight budget, almost any 
Pentium 4-based system with 512MB of memory would do fine for the
burden you envision. Disk size obviously depends on your data needs;
anything less than 40GB would probably not be that viable.

If you forced into a "used" purchase, you could probably just get away
with a 500MHZ Pentium III assuming you had the 512MB of memory. But given
the price of new bare-bones, Pentium 4-based systems these days, I don't
think any Pentium III solution would be worth the time and effort now.

        - Dov

At 5/5/2003 01:46 PM, Lee, Ivan wrote:
>Hi there,
>What would you recommend as the bare minimum PC (running XP) that would run FM6, Acrobat 5.x, Outlook 02, Office XP, Frontpage 2000.  We normally multi-task a combination of them.  Maybe not the *bare, bare* minimum, but something that would keep us relatively content and smiling instead of crying (as we do now).  I'm not asking for a wish list :-(
>On Win95, 300MHz, 256RAM, we do crash *a lot*.  Looking toward an upgrade to XP, would just the OS upgrade help?  XP's minimum according to MS is 300MHz, 128RAM.  Or would anyone recommend a different spec considering the programs we'll be running.  Right now especially, printing a long FM book to .ps takes forever and/or crashes, which then requires splitting up the book :-(
>Thanks in advance.  I'm on digest, so please CC me :-)
>Ivan Lee
>Senior Technical Writer

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